About Us

San Benito Medical Associates (SBMA) is a family of local physicians who have collaborated to form an integrated group that provides health care services to the residents of San Benito county.

Our mission is to bring affordable, accessible and efficient health care to each and every member of our community.

San Benito Medical Associates has partnered with Pacific Health Alliance to manage and administer our health plan.

Founded in 1986, PHA is one of California’s largest and most cost-efficient preferred provider networks. PHA offers nationwide access to over 3700 hospitals and 400,000 physicians. The PHA network can handle all of your local, regional and national healthcare needs.

PHA brings value and distinct benefits to customers and members including:

  • One stop shopping for customers seeking a network of healthcare providers
  • A customizable network that continues to grow to meet the need of San Benito County
  • A committment to customer excellence

Healthy Lives

We offer the following preventive medical services:

  • Routine Health Checkups
  • Annual Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Cancer Screenings
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Examinations of Metabolism and Digestion

Local Specialists

By joining our group, you will have access to our specialty services:

Allergy – Cardiology – Counseling (Marriage, Family, Child) – Dentistry – Dermatology – Endocrinology – Family Practice – Gastroenterology – General Surgery – Spine Surgery – Gynecology – Hematology Infectious Disease – Internal Medicine – Neonatology – Obstetrics & GYN  – Neurology – Oncology – Ophthalmology – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – Otolaryngology – Orthopedics – Pain Management – Pediatrics – Plastic Surgery – Podiatry – Psychology – Pulmonology – Radiation Oncology – Rheumatology – Sleep Medicine – Urology – Vascular Surgery

Primary Care Physicians

Our Hollister primary care physicians:
Family Medicine
Benedict Carota, MD
Marni Friedman, MD
Claudette Grageda, MD
Dishad Kheraj, DO
Paul Percival, MD
Arminda Tolentino, MD
Daniel Wang, MD


Ralph Armstrong, DO
M. Aslam Barra, MD

Hue Nguyen-Ngo, MD
Anita Tolentino-Macaraeg, MD

Mohammad Al-Hasan, MD
Martin M Bress, MD
Ken Jiang, MD

Making the Change

Once you sign up with San Benito Medical Associates, you will have access to trusted primary physicians as well as specialists to care for you and your family.

San Benito Medical Associates

Your Family…Your Physicians